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You make it fun for those in your care, with all of your extra's; contests, activities, famly night at Surf 'n Swim, earning points. Thank you! 
At EaseThey put you at ease, whether you are 9 or 49. Dr. Luddington worked wonders with my husband's issues and now he is working on mine.  The staff at Dr. Luddington's is FANTASTIC!. 
Great Experience with Luddington Orthodontics
“Dr. Luddington and his staff are always friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. All three of my kids have had braces, all with Dr. Luddington, and I would recommend him and his staff to anyone who needs orthodontic treatment.”
 S. E.
Excellent care​
“Dr. Luddington and staff go above and beyond our expectations for our sons’ orthodontic treatments. Dr. Luddington is conservative, so I feel like he is very honest in what treatments need to take place. The staff is always very informative, friendly, they are so good to my boys, they make them feel special with the fun activities/drawings, knowing their names, and giving them extra-special attention.”
I love Luddington Orthodontics! They have done a fabulous job, and Im super impressed with them. They know what theyre doing and its relatively inexpensive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!
Great experience every time!
We have been going to Luddington ortho for over a year now and have had a great experience. I would recommend them to everyone I know!
Awesome orthodontist staff
“Dr. Luddington’s office staff are exceptional. He does such great work. I would recommended your office to anyone. I have had four of my children have work by your office. Keep up the great work!! Thanks.”
Over 40
I have been talking about braces for years. The staff made it so much easier to make my decision. I am a mom and grandma and cant wait to smile again! Everyone treated me so well! I am thrilled to start my journey with such a compassionate staff! Thanks for being so kind!
Smile with confidence
How thankful I am with everyone at Luddington orthodontics. Even though my son’s treatment is only halfway through, we have seen a great change on the alignment of his teeth. He is now smiling more and that is always a very positive and wonderful thing. Can’t wait for the final result.”
Always cheerful and professional
Every time we come, we are greeted with a smile. All questions are answered to the fullest. Very professional, yet not stuffy.
Fun new programs
Dr. Luddington has a new program called Out of this World Smile Rewards that is really fun and encourages me to take care of my teeth. There are lots of cool things I can get when I earn enough points by brushing my teeth and coming to my appointments on time. They make having braces fun!
Best Orthodontist Around!
Always fast, friendly and extremely thoughtful! Wonderful office staff, that gets to know you personally. You are never just a number here! My daughter loves the contests as well :) 
 D. R. 
“The staff at Luddington Orthodontics are exceptional! I went in to get a new retainer after not needing to go in for over four years and it was great to be remembered and treated like I was still welcome there. I would recommend them to anyone looking into ortho work.”
A.H ,
Friendly and accommodating
“Everyone has been very friendly and they are good to talk directly to my kids, making them feel comfortable and welcome. They were really good to help us out in emergencies, even coming in on a Sunday. I would highly recommend them.”
Staff is amazing!
“Dr. Luddington has taken the time to pick and train staff that make you feel comfortable and welcome. They take the time to get to know you. Not only are they knowledgeable about orthodontics, but they have great personal skills. The moment you walk into the office, you are treated like a friend and not just another patient.”
Amazing service!!!
“My daughter was terrified to get braces on. She would go in and just cry because she was so scared. The entire staff was very calming and comforting. They didn’t pressure her to get them on and recommended we try again in six months. We have gone in for check-ups and still they haven’t pressured us! Amazing service!”
Another great visit thanks!
“Love coming when people know my name!”
Dr Luddington is Awesome!
“We have gone to Dr. Luddington for our family’s orthodontic needs for the last three years. We are always seen on time and the staff is friendly and professional. His prices are very competitive. We will always use him him in the future and recommend him to all our friends and family.”
My Orthodontics Treatment
“Dr. Luddington and his staff are great!! They’re super friendly, professional, and always on time for my appointments. They take time to explain what they are doing and make sure I understand my options. I’m glad I picked them.”
Wouldn't go anywhere else
We've been more than satisfied with Dr. Luddington and his staff during the year and a half that they have worked with two of our children. The doctor is wonderful about explaining how the treatment is going and what needs to be accomplished. They are all so warm and friendly at that office, we feel like theyre all good friends! I believe their pricing is very reasonable and they are so great to work with!
Very friendly atmosphere
“We have been very impressed with this office. They are friendly and have explained my daughter’s treatment well and have responded immediately to any emergencies we have had. We would highly recommend them.”
C. G. 
Best Orthodontics!
“We have been extremely happy with our experience at Luddington Orthodontics. All four of our older children have been through braces here and we plan on using them for our younger two as well. When we initially shopped around for the right place we found that Luddington Ortho had the best service, the best quality, and the best price. They truly care about their patients!”
“I love coming to my appointments because everyone always asks how I am doing and how things are going and are always talking to me when I’m just sitting there and keep my comfortable when they are working on me!”
Great orthodontist
“We are just getting started in braces in a couple of months. I like that they are not pressuring us to get them on faster than we are ready. We still have a few teeth to lose. Very homey, comfortable atmosphere.”
H. B.
New Patient
“My son is 11 years old. I brought him into Dr Luddington for a consultation for braces. He was very professional and explained in detail what needed to be done and what steps to take. He informed me that I could put braces on him now but if I did I would be spending more money than if I waited for a few more of his baby teeth to fall out. I will continue to bring my son in every six months for a checkup so Dr. Luddington can check his progress. I appreciate his honesty and saving me money at the same time.”
“Luddington Orthodontics is amazing! All three of my children had braces through Dr. Luddington and I have recommended them to many friends. All of the staff members are very friendly, helpful, and accommodating.”
Warm, friendly, helpful & professional
I came to our appointment overwhelmed with the idea that two more of our children needed braces (total now, five). I left feeling confident and grateful, knowing not only would they fix the complicated problems both children had, but it would also work into our budget.
J. B. 
I have five children and you have done braces on two. I plan on sending my other three your way. Have been so happy with everyone and everything. Thank you so much.
T. C 
Very Friendly
I like how they always ask me how Im doing and if anything was bothering me! They make sure that I am as comfortable as possible.
T. T. 
Excellent experience
Dr. Luddington and his entire staff are personable and professional. They take time to make sure all questions and concerns are addressed. Your treatment and care is approached in a individualized, rather than assembly line, fashion. When you first enter the office, it is evident that excellent service is a priority at Dr. Luddingtons office.
R. A 
Dr. Luddington cares
My daughter had an expander that started to cause a sore in her mouth. I called Dr. Luddington at home and he didnt hesitate to come to the office that very night to take a look at it. He spent a piece of his evening helping her resolve the problem. I was very impressed with his willingness to go out of his way to help.