You make it fun for those in your care, with all of your extra's; contests, activities, famly night at Surf 'n Swim, earning points. Thank you!- K.H.

They put you at ease, whether you are 9 or 49. Dr. Luddington worked wonders with my husband's issues and now he is working on mine. The staff at Dr. Luddington's is FANTASTIC!- L.C.

Dr. Luddington and his staff are always friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. All three of my kids have had braces, all with Dr. Luddington, and I would recommend him and his staff to anyone who needs orthodontic treatment.- S.E.

Dr. Luddington and staff go above and beyond our expectations for our sons orthodontic treatments. Dr. Luddington is conservative, so I feel like he is very honest in what treatments need to take place. The staff is always very informative, friendly, they are so good to my boys, they make them feel special with the fun activities/drawings, knowing their names, and giving them extra-special attention.- J.B.

I love Luddington Orthodontics! They have done a fabulous job, and I’m super impressed with them. They know what they’re doing and it’s relatively inexpensive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!- J.E.

We have been going to Luddington ortho for over a year now and have had a great experience. I would recommend them to everyone I know!- R.R.

Dr. Luddington’s office staff are exceptional. He does such great work. I would recommended your office to anyone. I have had four of my children have work by your office. Keep up the great work!! Thanks.- L.B.

I have been talking about braces for years. The staff made it so much easier to make my decision. I am a mom and grandma and can’t wait to smile again! Everyone treated me so well! I am thrilled to start my journey with such a compassionate staff! Thanks for being so kind!- L.X.

How thankful I am with everyone at Luddington orthodontics. Even though my son’s treatment is only halfway through, we have seen a great change on the alignment of his teeth. He is now smiling more and that is always a very positive and wonderful thing. Can’t wait for the final result.- B.L.