What Sets Us Apart

Join Our Orthodontic Family!

At Luddington Orthodontics, we care about each patient as an individual. There is not a single course of treatment that fits all patients, so our treatment plans are personalized to each individual. Dr. Luddington offers comprehensive services, including braces, appliances, and retainers for all ages!

Why Choose Luddington Orthodontics?

  • We are friendly and genuinely care about our patients. We build long-lasting relationships with our patients and families, and we always use the latest technology that will benefit our patients.
  • Dr. Luddington and his staff have a conservative approach to early treatment. This means we do not encourage treatments that are not necessary.
  • Our patients love the fun and upbeat atmosphere in our office! Our friendly, personable staff members show an honest interest in our patients’ dental education. In terms that patients and parents understand, we explain all of the ins and outs of what we are doing and why we are doing it.
  • Parents are always welcome to come back with their children to watch and see what is happening during their children’s appointments, and Dr. Luddington is always available to answer your questions. He takes the time to discuss your questions and concerns, and he makes sure everyone is comfortable every step of the way.

Each patient is a special part of our orthodontic family, and every one of them is unique in their own special way. We treat each visitor the way we would treat our own immediate family. When we are with them, our time is theirs. We focus on our patients and allow them to have a voice in their treatment. Call Luddington Orthodontics today to help your family “Smile with Confidence.”